jan 4th, 2020

session vol 1. probably not the last that i record and transcribe, this one made me think a bit.

Good evening, Alexan... Oh, wait, sorry, Ivory.

It's fine, good evening to you as well, Jess.

So, I feel like we should talk a little bit more about those daydreams of yours. Your texts have left me a bit worried regarding your mental wellbeing.

Oh, uhm, yeah... those were a bit spur of the moment, I know. I don't... I don't really remember what happened.

Hm, problems remembering stuff again? I'll probably ask a psychiatrist to evaluate you, I'm not the right person to prescribe medication. Anyways, we should get back on track. You kept texting me about the park and "Her". What was that all about?

Uhm... I-I don't really, uh... I... fuck...

Hey... calm down, I'll get you some water, just relax. You'll be fine. If you want, actually, we can call it off for the da-

Y-Yeah. I should go. Uhm, sorry. Fuck. Uh. I'll text you later. So sorry.

can't spell apathetic without "pathetic", you fucking clown.

whatever, we'll see how it goes.