jan 13th, 2020

i don't know if this is just pure luck or if something is trying to drag me back, but i got a fucking visa interview for tomorrow. i'm gonna tidy myself up a bit, skincare routine been kinda lacking recently.

it seriously feels surreal in a way, like, last time when we were applying to immigrate our visa interview had a 4-5 month wait? i don't know.

i'll fucking find myla. i know i will, it's just a matter of time really, even if i can't find them the second i get there, i know for a fact that they're still alive. there's no way. no fucking way.

anyways, had a talk with my psychologist, now i take more fucking pills. and they barely fucking work, too. i'm gonna wait a couple weeks to see the results, but whatever. i'm just happy i also kinda get to go back "home". earliest flight i could find was mid june anyways though, but having my visa on hand is really useful. god, ok, i'm overthinking again, i'll just fucking leave, gotta get ready anyways.