audio log

So, uh... heh, I woke up...
There's like, still a part of me that can't tell if what happened was a dream or not.
I don't think I've ever been happier or, erm, freer...?

I think I should, uhh, get the main thing out of the way, cuz I'm going to transcribe this and shit.
I died, got my head torn off in Hell? Woke up in Lust, got a TV for a head, got back on Earth. That was kinda fun.

I also got some uh, time to think. Like, okay, I met with Luna after I came back which was... a "nice" coincidence. I was pretty... well, first of all, fucking batshit scared cuz my head is gone. And secondly, I was really on edge and kinda cynical?

Let me just sum this up real quick, I was an asshole, I realized how hypocritical I was, and hey! I regret it. I really do, but like, at the end of the day I just didn't really see a way out.
I dug myself a hole and I saw a bit of light. I never really looked anywhere since.
I'm not really known for having some good ideas. Just spur of the moment stuff.

Uhm, okay, after that I got waterboarded on accident by a moth. That's all I remember from that. I still think it was a trip, I just remember my brain screaming Death Grips lyrics at me.

But a few hours later, I was at home just trying to relax and then a fucking portal showed up, so I got all geared up, went in, and that place was like, weirdly calming. I was hoping for something hellish considering like, everything?

I went to a place called Arcadia or some shit, pretty place. And then a fucking Goddess showed up? And she was just... My God.

She asked me a bit about that night, and I told her everything. She told me that dying wasn't really the only option, and that making someone else kill me is just as cowardly as doing it myself. It's true, I won't deny it. Like I said, I was sorta fixated on THIS being the only way out.

I like her. Her names Lykos. Not much happened afterwards...