a little bit about the lafleurs

i don't really know what to type here, so i'll just have an extremely unhinged rant.
uh, ok, so 199-ish years ago (200 on the 24th.) the first lafleur was born. Emyr LaFleur.
he was born in wales. he got married to a lady, who had kids, some got married, blah blah blah.
then we reach mrs. Rhian Carys LaFleur, and mr. Oscar Carys LaFleur.
they gave birth to two children.
Alexander Carys LaFleur, and Samuel Carys LaFleur.
you now know alexander as me, ivory. you know sam as the late myla lafleur.
after a while, my mom decided to immigrate to the united states. she got a job opportunity there.
we had to leave dad behind. a couple years later, we'd receive the news of his passing.
my mom planted a flower bed for him when we got to our new house.
myla was always interested in botany, and would often stay out.
after moving, my mom decided to change her name so it would be easier for locals to call her.
she went with madison. Madison Carys LaFleur.
timeshift to 2015. my mom had recently gotten fired, i recently turned 16 and was questioning a lot of stuff around me.
on the fifth of august, we woke up to a note.
"Mewn marwolaeth, ry'n ni gyd yn blodeuo yn anochel."
we checked around for her, but didnt see much.
a hand mirror in the bathroom was shattered, and a shard was missing.

we checked the garden.